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April 9th, 2009

Hi everyone,We just recently  got an article published in the Beach & Bay Press and we wanted you to see it! Thanks, The Cool Kids Beach & Bay 1 beach-and-bay-press.jpgbeach-and-bay-press-3.jpg

iChoose less meat!

March 19th, 2009

As a new part of our fundraising for Atlanta, we have started selling iChoose less meat  2 1/4 pinback buttons and 3.5 x 11 bumper stickers. 

2 1/4 inch pinback button for $2, including shipping

3.5 x 11 bumper sticker for $3, including shipping 

Cow button

Bumper Sticker


December 15th, 2008

Hi! As you probably already know we are part of First LEGO League an international competition where robots compete to see how many points they can get by doing missions. (If you don’t know this you should go back and read the about us page). Well guess what? We are the Champions! At the Southern California Championship Tournament we won the Champions Award! As a result, we get to go to the World Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. This is very exciting as Champions from all over the world go to compete there. The only downside is that they do not pay for us to go there so the trip will be very spendy.By now your probably wondering how we won the Champions Award. For starters let me explain what the champions award is. The Champions Award is a combination of your scores in robot performance (How many points your robot gets doing missions), robot design, research project, and teamwork. We scored high in all these subjects (3rd place robot performance, call backs on robot design and research) and so we won it!The tournament was very exciting as we were the first people up in robot performance, and we got the privilege of doing our research presentation it front of 8 judges instead of the normal 2. Like the last tournament we warmed up vegan pizza in the solar oven and wore chefs hats for the presentation. The only difference was that we wore  celery and carrots in our hats! In my opinion our research presentation went better than our robot performance. Nobody forgot their lines, everyone spoke fluently, etc. But at the robot performance lots of things went wrong. For example the one of the tables which we where competing at was a little bit shorter then the one next to it so one of the mission models was crooked. Therefor our mission did not work so we didn’t get as many points as we should have. Still, out of 52 teams, we got 3rd place robot performance! We are glad to announce that our team will be going Atlanta in April!Win Legoland for web 

We won!

November 26th, 2008

 On November 22 2008, we went to a qualifying tournament for FLL “First Lego League”.  And guess what?!? WE won!  We got the highest score of any of the other teams robots! WOHOOOO! We also got the Champions Award, which is based on the highest scores in robot design, robot performance, project presentation, and teamwork. It is very prestigious.  We also won the robot performance award, for getting the most mission points. 


We cooked vegan pizza and warmed it up on a solar oven. We served it to the presentation judges and to passer-bys. Some of the kids loved it and took like fifty pieces, and told their friends to have it! And it was YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


In our presentation we wore chef hats, with celery in them! It was so cool! We wore sweatbands around the chef hats to keep the celery in. After a while, when we were done with the presentation, Rachel gave her celery to Nadya, and she wore two celeries! Sarah planted hers! 

 Us with signs

On December 6, 2008, we will go to Legoland, for the southern California state tournament. If we win (The Champions Award), we may go to Atlanta for the national! Only teams who win the Champions Award get to go.

 Win for web

Thank you for visiting our blog! We will tell you what happens later.


 – The Cool Kids